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Armoury Crate

ASUS Armoury Crate is a program explicitly designed and developed for ROG gaming products. It enables you to control a plethora of ASUS gaming gear under one app. You can sync your setup, configure it, and create a seamless experience that all gamers yearn for. 

If you are new to using Armoury Crate and feel like a little bit of assistance is needed to get started, you have come to the right place. The subsequent sections include a brief overview of Armoury Crate, its notable features, and a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing the software. 

What is Armoury Crate?

Armoury Crate is a preinstalled application that comes with all ROG or TUF Gaming laptops. It’s a one-stop application to connect, configure, and control the ASUS line of gaming products. Armoury Crate is basically a hub that allows you to conveniently manage every compatible device under one application.

Whether you want to tweak around system configuration or customize RGB lighting and effects for connected devices, it lets you do it all with ease. Using Armoury Crate, you can view system information and real-time performances of all working devices. It’s an easy-to-use software that comes with a user-friendly interface. Once you get the hang of it, it will be fun to play around with.  

Besides, you can use Armoury Crate for your ASUS product registrations, access the ROG news feed, and connect with the ROG gaming community. If you wish, you can also connect the Armoury Crate app to your smartphone to gain access and control of the connected gaming devices.


Let’s talk about the notable features Armoury Crate comes with. 

Aura Sync

Aura sync is a built-in software/feature that comes with the Armoury crate. It allows you to choose the devices you want to group and create a customized RGB lighting pattern using your favorite colors. Using Aura Sync, you can control a number of devices such as your keyboard, monitor, motherboard, GPU, case lights, and even compatible hardware components from other manufacturers. Aura sync makes it effortlessly easy to control LEDs; with one click, you can set up a static color, create a custom look or disable your lighting altogether. 

Device Configuration

Armoury Crate provides easy device configuration. As previously mentioned, it works as a hub to bring you the unified system configuration and control for all ASUS and ROG products and programs. Armoury Crate offers numerous command centers and control panels to integrate various ASUS and ROG devices. For instance, to configure your keyboard and mouse, you can map keys and create profiles. 

One-click Downloads (manuals, drivers, and software)

Probably the best thing about Armoury Crate is its 1-click download feature. On the left pane, once you click on the Tools option, you will be shown a list of drivers and firmware that needs to be updated. All you have to do is, select all of them and hit the ‘Download & install’ button. 

You can also do it manually and install drivers from the ASUS website. However, it’s time-consuming to look up each driver and then install it. Whereas Armoury Crate lets you install the latest versions with one click.  

Update Center

Armoury Crate comes with an Update Center feature that allows you to download and update software for all ASUS and ROG gears. It has made installing newer versions a streamlined process. Using Armoury Crate’s update center, you can upgrade device firmware, system drivers, HAL, SDK, and HTML packages. 

Aura Creator Suite

Aura Creator is advanced, or you can say an evolved version of Auro Sync. It is undoubtedly a powerful feature that comes with infinite lighting possibilities. Aura Creator offers you the flexibility and freedom to customize the lighting for all Aura devices and create your effects and patterns. Using this feature, you can compose richly-detailed and multi-layered lighting effects tailored to your RGB vision and preferences. 

Aura Creator automatically detects compatible devices and displays them on the screen. Whether you want clean and simple lighting or reactive RGB visions, using Aura Creator, you can tune up the look and feel of your system as you please. The user interface may seem a bit complex for beginners, but you can master it with some practice. 


  • Using ASUS Armoury Crate, you can grow your game collection. It lets you explore, discover, and purchase games at lower prices. For ROG VIP members, there are exclusive deals every week. 
  • Armoury Crate has a feature called Scenario Profiles that allows you to personalize your PC for how it behaves during specific tasks. In other words, you can define your preferred operating mode and other system settings for particular apps and games. 
  • You can join the ROG community if you are a gaming enthusiast and want to be updated with the latest news, announcements of upcoming features, and gaming deals and bundles. 

How to Download and Install Armoury Crate

  • To download Armoury Create, first head over to the Download Page
  • Hover your cursor over the “Downloads” button at the top, and click on Armoury Crate.
  • Select your OS version from the drop-down menu and hit the Download button.  
  • Once the file is downloaded, open it and extract the content using WinRAR or other software.
  • Next, double-click on the ArmouryCrateInstaller.exe and let it load.
  • On the following screen, you will be asked to choose one option out of 3 to proceed further with the installation.

Both TUF and ROG-based users can select the “Install Armoury Crate” option. However, “Install Aura Creator” is only supported by the ROG-based series. We recommend going with “Install Armoury Crate & Aura Creator” if you are a ROG user. This way, you will get both applications.

  • Select your preferred option and click on the Start button.
  • The installer will take some time to download the application from the official servers. So wait until you get a prompt for ‘Installation Completed.’
  • Next, tap on the application you want to launch.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to get the initial setup done.

That is pretty much all you have to do in order to download and install Armoury Crate for your Windows PC.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Armoury Crate free?

Yes, Armoury Crate is free-to-use software.

Q. Is Armoury Crate Safe?

The application is safe to install. However, make sure you download it from the official ASUS website. The Internet is flooded with websites pretending to be the official source with the intention of unethical practices. 

Q. What is SPL in Armoury Crate?

SPL is an abbreviation used for Sustained Power Limit. It basically shows the power consumption the CPU can maintain under load permanently.

Q. Does the Armoury Crate affect performance?

After updating the Armory Crate, many users reported a performance drop, majorly in FPS. However, there is not much data available to establish that Armoury Crate directly affects your system performance. 

Final Words

So it’s time to wrap up this comprehensive guide. We hope the information presented here helped you gain a better understanding and usage of the ASUS Armoury Crate application for Windows. 

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