Here’s how to fix can’t hear anyone on Discord?


Discord is easily the most popular VoIP service in the world. From streaming to its fantastic bot integration feature, it is no doubt that it amasses millions of active users each month. However, as perfect as it may sound, Discord is still experiencing some issues that result in the community crowding Google with searches on how to fix it. One of the popular ones is the issue where users can’t hear anyone during the call. 

In this article, we will try to explain what the Discord can’t hear anyone problem means, and we will try to suggest some troubleshooting methods to have it fixed. 

Why can’t I hear people on Discord? 

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing this issue with the audio. However, since not all devices are the same, we can only speculate and guess where this issue is coming from. 

Here are some of the most possible reasons why this is happening based on our own experience:

  • Improper audio settings – this is probably the most common reason why some Discord users may encounter issues with audio. You may have to check your audio settings first if it aligns well or is configured properly. You may also try to check if the audio device is being selected as the default one. For you to be able to play the sound well, you need to properly set the right sound output.
  • Problems with app bugs and audio drivers – if you are experiencing issues with your audio but you already checked everything from the settings to audio output, then perhaps your issue is rooted in the app bugs, perhaps on outdated audio drivers. You may try to update the app and see how it goes. You may also manually update the audio driver. Steps depend on the device you’re using.
  • Hardware issues – now, you checked all the possibilities above and are done troubleshooting but to no avail, then perhaps the reason you are having issues with audio is the hardware itself. In this case, you will have to take the device to the service center for proper diagnosis. You may also try to change the audio source to something external.

How to fix Discord can’t hear anyone?

Now that we may have diagnosed where the issue is coming from, we will try to give a proper resolution to have it fixed. Note that this may not work for your own specific case. However, we will have a separate column on how to remedy that issue once and for all.

  1. Refresh Discord – if you are having issues with Discord, the first thing you will have to try is to refresh the app and the system. Just like any other application, Discord may automatically download an update and never advise the users of any changes that came along with it. Refreshing your Discord application may be able to remedy this issue as it is also removing the remnants of the older app version. You may close Discord and relaunch or you may press the CTRL + R key.
  2. Use legacy audio subsystems – Discord is built for modern systems but that is not to say that it won’t work with older systems. It’s just a matter of choosing which set to use. That said, maybe the issue you’re having with the Discord audio is rooted in the use of modern subsystems which may not be compatible with your hardware. To fix the issue, try following these instructions to revert your device to using the legacy audio subsystem:
    • Launch Discord and open User Settings (the gear icon). You can find this at the bottom of your avatar on the right side.
    • Click on Audio & Video, then find the option for Use Legacy Audio Subsystem.
    • Toggle it on, then confirm the use by clicking Okay.
    • Close the settings by clicking the ESC button on the top right corner.
    • Relaunch Discord or restart your computer to allow it to take effect.
  3. Set your audio device as default – if the above solution doesn’t resolve your issue, then perhaps your audio device isn’t set as default. This is the most commonly overlooked by Windows users and we understand why. Unlike macOS which lays out all the settings for you, Windows allows users full control over their desktop. Now, set your audio device as default, follow the instructions below:
    • Minimize the Discord app, then click the Speaker icon on the bottom right of the Windows taskbar. Select Sounds.
    • Now, in the Sounds window you need to click on the Playback tab, then select your preferred audio device and set it as the default device.
    • Repeat the same process but now, you will need to select it as a default communication device. A green mark will inform you of this selection.
    • Click Apply, then hit Ok.
    • Now, just in case the audio device doesn’t appear in the window you will need to click on a space inside the Sounds window then click Show disabled devices as well as the Show disconnected devices.
    • If the device you are looking for appears, right-click and then enable it. Then follow the steps above.
  4. Reconfigure Voice Settings in Discord – if none of the solutions above worked, then you may try reconfiguring the voice settings in Discord. The following are the instructions on how to do it:
    • To access the settings, click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the display next to your avatar.
    • In the Settings menu, go to App Settings then select Voice & Video which you can find on the left. This option will bring up the settings which ask you what microphone or speaker to use.
    • To select the input device, click the drop-down menu under Input Device then select the device you would like to use. Opting for default would let your Discord app know that you will be using the default input and output device your operating system uses.
  5. Try reinstalling Discord – if you have tried all the options above and yet, it doesn’t solve your audio issues with Discord, perhaps there is a problem with the package and you may be required to reinstall the app. To do it, follow the steps below:
    • On the taskbar, go to the universal search tab then type Control Panel.
    • Click on the Control Panel, then choose Programs in the choices.
    • Look for Programs and Features.
    • Find the Discord app in the list, and right-click to uninstall it. Depending on your computer you may also see the right-click option called uninstall/change. It works the same way so don’t be confused.

Still can’t hear anyone on Discord?

If you have carefully followed the steps above, and you are still experiencing the problems, you may try the following bonus solutions. We didn’t include it above because we think these are not rooted in any software and hardware issues, but just a slight user misconfiguration. The following solutions are provided by the Discord team:

  • Check if you have accidentally muted or deafened yourself to other people. You can tell if the mic doesn’t work if the headset or mic icon has a red slash.
  • Additionally, you may also check with the admin or server owner as you may likely have been server muted or deafened. Only they can lift these limitations.
  • Does this issue just happen in a specific Discord channel? If you, you may contact the server owners or admin so they can enable voice permissions for you such as Connect, Speak, and Video.
  • Check the volume settings. This is the most obvious solution on this list. Because this setting seems like a no-brainer, users most likely forgot to check if the volume is on the right level. Since you have followed all the steps above and yet there is still no sound coming from your speaker, then you may try to adjust the volume level on Discord. On a desktop or browser, you need to right-click on the user icon to change the volume. You may toggle this setting when you are on mobile while on call or in a voice channel. It’s the same process with the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can’t hear on Discord but they can hear me. What seems to be the issue?

Perhaps the global mute is toggled. You may try lifting it, and opening the chat mixer to make sure that Discord’s volume is leveled with the rest of the programs or global volumes.

Q- What is the first thing I should do once I encounter the issue?

You may try to refresh the Discord app first by pressing CTRL+R. You may also close the app, restart the computer then relaunch the Discord app.

Q- I still can’t hear people on Discord, what should I do?

Since you have followed all the solutions given above, the issue may be rooted within the hardware. Check the built-in mic and speaker, or any external device connected to your desktop such as mic and speaker. Check the cables, and ports if it’s loosened up. You may also try other devices to confirm the diagnosis.


Discord is a popular app that supports a lot of modern operating systems. While it seems advantageous to every user that utilizes devices that are using various operating systems, this is also the reason why Discord users may sometimes encounter some inefficiencies with the user experience.

This is particularly true with some Windows devices which continue to exhibit problems with the audio settings. Unlike other operating systems (such as Android and Mac OS), Microsoft allows Windows to be fully personalized and customizable. However, this customizability and personalization can sometimes create inconsistencies in the user experience. In the case of Discord, tinkering with the settings or sound drivers may cause the audio to fail. However, in the case of other operating systems, the issue may be rooted in the app itself which frequently receives an update, usually with beta features. In cases like these, the solutions above may be able to help you solve the audio issues you are experiencing with Discord.

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