How to add a music bot to Discord?

How to add music bot to Discord

One of the best features of Discord is the ability to add bots for automation. It makes things easier for the users and allows for a smoother and less convoluted experience. One of these many bots is the music bot. However, integrating it on a Discord server may come off as complicated to some people (it is actually very easy).

In this article, we will learn what really a music bot is, and discuss which music bots are best for your own Discord server. Then eventually we will give some easy steps on how to integrate one.

What is a music bot in Discord?

As mentioned, a bot will help users automate some tasks. For music bots, this is by finding and providing the songs the users want anywhere on the internet. A music bot will allow multiple members to listen to the same music at the same time. A great music bot will be able to find music from music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, and even on video streaming websites such as YouTube. Joining a voice channel would also give you the same access to the music being streamed by server owners. Overall, a Discord music bot would allow anyone to share new music with friends, host listening parties with fans alike, or simply just provide sound during a live streaming session. 

What are the best music bots for Discord?

With a lot of available options around, it is easy to get lost finding the best music bot to integrate on your own servers. Especially since some of the well-known music bots for Discord (Groovy and Rhythm) were forced by YouTube to close down. Fortunately for us, there are still many available options around. In this article, we will discuss each of those options where you will have to decide between a free and paid music bot to use on your own Discord server.

  1. MEE6 – MEE6 is currently the best Discord moderation bot. However, aside from moderating your server, did you know that it is also capable of playing music? You can add up to 50 music tracks in your queue for free, or get premium and allow access to many other features including 1,000 queued music tracks.
    • Allows 50 music tracks in your queue under free service, or up to 1,000 in paid service.
    • Controls volume, records voice channels and plays music 24/7 with a help of a music command.
    • MEE6 currently supports music from SoundCloud and Twitch.
    • Includes fun music quizzes to challenge your viewers and friends.
    • A lifetime plan for one server only costs $89.90. The service is also available via a monthly plan for only $11.95, or save $49.99 for an annual plan.
  2. Chip – Chip is one of the best music bots for Discord that comes free of charge (at least for most of its core features). While the service is free, Chip allows for almost the same features and even sources its music from more music and video platforms such as Vimeo, SoundCloud, Mixer, Twitch, and Bandcamp. On top of this, the bot also allows for queues.
    • Source music from the top music and video sharing platforms.
    • Allows users to create a queue of music tracks.
    • Features bass boost, treble boost, and sound equalizer, as well as adjust the volume.
    • 24/7 mode, vote lock bypassing, and ignore command cooldown for only $5 per month.
  3. Hydra – Of all the music bots on this list, only Hydra allows you to stream music from both Spotify and Deezer, as well as SoundCloud and Bandcamp. The service used to support YouTube, but with Google coming after some services which use its content without permission, Hydra has since removed access to the site to avoid termination and possible litigation.
    • Can stream most of the popular video and music streaming sites.
    • Features queueing, playlist, vote skip, loop, moving of song within a queue or on top of the queue among many other features.
    • Premium subscription adds volume control, audio effects, and 24/7 playback.

Steps to add music bot in Discord

  1. Check your standing. You will only be able to add a music bot on a server if you are the server Admin, or have the “Manage Server Role” assigned to your account. If not, ask the access from the Server Admin. You may check this by going to “Roles”, then Moderator. Scroll down to look for Manage Server. Make sure the slider is switched to green.
  2. Decide the music bot of your choice. You will need to go to specific websites to do this. For example, if you preferred Hydra, you need to go to the official website, navigate through pages and look for the option to “Add to Discord/or invite” the bot to your server.
  3. Confirming the invite. Depending on what bot you will be you are using, there should at least be a pop-up that confirms that you will be adding the bot to your server. Make sure there’s a green check beside the “Add a bot to a server”, and the Administrator box is also ticked. Choose which server you will be adding the bot to, then click Authorize.
  4. Finalizing the process. To set things up, you will need to be familiar with all the commands the bot supports. If you are using Hydra, for example, you will have to start the command with a period to show all the commands it supports such as “.help“.


Discord offers a lot of features to its users that are not available on any other competing services. No wonder the service continuously accrues 150 million monthly active users, a whopping 1500% increase since its launch in 2015.

The community is growing each year, and with the pandemic still around somewhere, more and more people choose Discord to communicate with their friends and fans. All thanks to its diverse choice of bots that help a lot with moderation and automation. The music bot is just one of many bots available for integration on the Discord server.

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