How to fix Discord Stream No Sound While Streaming or Screen Sharing?


Discord is just one of the many ways for some influencers to share live content or communicate with their fan bases and other related community. However, as with any other streaming platform out there, encountering some bugs during a stream is a very common thing for Discord. One of the more popular ones is the absence of sound during stream or screen sharing.

Now, there are many reasons why this issue is happening with the faulty mic being one of the most common issues. However, there are two things that may be causing this. Either the mic has stopped working at a hardware level, or the software completely failed to distinguish the device. Perhaps there are some problems with audio output or some mistakes in device outputting.

What’s causing Discord Stream no sound while streaming or screen sharing?

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why users are encountering this issue. However, since not all devices are not similar, we can really only speculate on the root, and perhaps do all the troubleshooting needed to find which one works best for your case. In the meantime, let’s go through all the possible reasons why this problem exists in the first place.

  • The audio feature on your version of Discord is still in its initial phase – this is the most common reason why some users report missing a sound while screen recording. Note that audio via the Screen Share feature is still in its initial phase and is far from stable. It is because it was released as a beta feature first. To resolve this, check if you are using the latest Discord software.
  • Bad and corrupted audio drivers – as with many applications which use audio, your Discord app relies on the audio drivers installed on your computer to work properly. If the audio driver is corrupted and is not functioning well, your app may refuse from working with sound.
  • User lacking administrator access – since you are sharing your display with other people, the security services feature on your hardware may have been the one keeping you from sharing your sound. Granting elevated access will be able to fix this issue.
  • App-related issues, active bugs, etc – like most applications, Discord may also tend to have issues with bugs as it is constantly updating. We suggest you try to update to the latest version. If you are using the latest version, then you may contact the developers so they will be able to roll out some necessary fixes.

10 ways to fix Discord Stream No Sound

  • Restart your Desktop – most often than not, simply restarting your computer will be able to resolve your issue. This is because a reboot will wipe away the current state of your computer including the code that was stuck in misbehaving state. Restarting will allow your computer to start again from scratch and clear the contents saved in your random access memory (RAM). After the reboot, relaunch the app and try again t check if it was able to solve the issue.
  • Updated Discord app – as we have mentioned above, the app may also misbehave if it is outdated. Check your Discord app if it is on the latest version. If not then you may be obliged to update the app.

    To update the Discord app, follow the following steps:
    1. Launch the Run dialog by pressing both the Windows key and the R key.
    2. To the box, type %localappdata% then press the Enter key.
    3. Double-click Discord, then you will be able to see an Update.exe file. Again, double-click on that.
    4. Wait for the update to be completed. then restart and relaunch the app.
  • Run Discord with elevated access – giving the app administrator access would be able to solve the issue regarding the missing sound.

    To do so:
    1. Launch the File Explorer by pressing Windows + E.
    2. Find the installation location of the Discord app, then right-click on Discord.exe.
    3. On the pop-up menu, choose “Run as Administrator”.
    4. Press OK to save the changes.
  • Avoid Fullscreen Window Modes for Discord – some of the features may also conflict with some of the Discord resources. One of these happens when playing games on fullscreen mode. Fullscreen windows mode conflicts with the Discord permission and should be turned off to solve the issues you are having with audio.
  • Add Discord Activity status – Discord may also conflict with any of the active activity on your desktop as it is keeping records of it. In this case, you may be able to encounter a Discord screen share audio not working issue. To resolve the issue, you may need to turn on the Discord activity status by going to the left navigation bar, then the Games, and Game Activity Tab. After that, click the toggle for Discord Overlay.
  • Reset Discord voice settings – if all things failed, perhaps resetting the voice settings on your Discord app would be able to solve the issue.

    To do so:
    1. Launch the Discord User Settings then click the settings icon on the right corner.
    2. Scroll down to look for Voice & Video, then choose Reset Voice settings.
    3. Click Okay to confirm the process.
    4. Close the Discord app, then restart your computer.
  • Clear your Discord cache/roaming data – you may also have issues with audio when there are problems with account settings and corrupted temporary Discord files. In this case, you may clear the roaming data to see if this fixes your problem.
    1. Close the Discord application.
    2. Press the Windows key, then type %appdata%. Press Enter.
    3. Scroll to look for the Discord folder. Then right-click the Discord folder, then select delete.
    4. Restart your computer to see if the method worked.
  • Configure microphone audio settings in Windows – maybe the issue isn’t with Discord itself, but with the Windows settings.

    You may try to set up or reconfigure the microphone on Windows by doing the following:
    1. First, make sure that your microphone is connected to the computer.
    2. Select Start (or press the Windows key), go to Settings, System, then sound.
    3. Under the Sound settings, go to Input then Choose your input device. You may select the microphone you preferred to use. If the microphone device doesn’t show up, then it may be the one causing the issue.
  • Try another browser – if you are accessing Discord using a browser it may be best to also try using another browser. Chrome is known to have several issues, thanks to its resource-hungry processes.

    In this case, it may be best to try the following browsers instead.
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari (only works for macOS)
    • Opera GX
    • Vivaldi
  • Re-install Discord – if all of the methods above don’t resolve the issues you are having with Discord audio, then maybe reinstalling the app may finally solve the issue. If you are on the latest version, you may try reinstalling the last stable update. It is especially helpful since the developers actually confirmed that the screen share with audio isn’t ready yet, and may only work with the Canary client.

    Follow the following steps to uninstall and reinstall the Discord app:
    1. Again, press the Windows key + R, then on the dialogue box, type “appwiz.cpl”. Press Enter.
    2. Search for the Discord app in the application manager, then right-click to uninstall.
    3. Restart the computer, then reinstall Discord by downloading the app from the Microsoft or App store. It is also available on the official Discord website or any trusted website.
    4. After re-installing, restart the computer again and launch Discord.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q- How do you share the sound with Discord?

You can share sound per se on Discord. However, you may try to go for a voice call which is the Push to talk method on Discord.

Q- Is there a way to share audio using the Discord screen share?

Yes. considering you don’t have issues with the audio. To do it, you will need to turn off the screen share first, then enable sound mode from the application window. Finally, click on the Share Now button to share the audio.

Q- Why is there no sound in Discord?

As mentioned above, there may be many reasons why there is no sound in Discord. The most common reason is improper audio settings. You may try the above methods to try and fix it. However, there may be even deeper issues why this is happening. I would suggest you try diagnosing first to find the best solution.

Q- Why can’t I screen share on Discord?

You can’t screen share on Discord if you are using an older version of the application. You may need to update first. It is also possible that your shared screen is muted. Check on that.

Q- Is there a trick to stream on Discord with sound?

Yes! You just have to start a video call first, then enable the screen share to stream a video on Discord. You have to also enable sound from Discord Settings.

Q- How do I close and restart the Discord app on a PC?

You may close the Discord app using the Task Manager, then relaunch the app.

Q- How to play computer audio through Discord?

You will have to enable the Voice Settings option to talk and play computer audio through Discord.


Given its popularity, Discord has become one of the online necessities for most people these days. However, with its growing popularity comes growing demand to add new features. And while the developers behind Discord are all competent people, there is no assurance that an update roll-out will be free from issues. This is the case with the current Discord app which causes audio problems.

To be fair, Discord has officially declared the new feature as not stable but updates and fixes will be coming soon. With that said, we would suggest troubleshooting your computer first like checking the microphone port, microphone, or speakers to make sure the issue isn’t rooted in the hardware. We also suggest that you update your audio driver as it doesn’t only fix Discord but other apps too.

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